Scrappy vs. Nature’s Variety

Have you found that treat that is basically crack to your dog or cat? We have and it goes by the name Nature’s Variety Instinct Minis. They are available for dogs and cats and are pretty much the same exact thing. So if you have both cats and dogs they can share these but trust me and Scrappy on this… they’re not going to want to.

Nature's Variety

Nature’s Variety Instinct Minis are available in 3 great formulas. Duck, Chicken and Rabbit. And are the perfect treat for rewarding your fur-child with. They are small and can be broken up pretty easily. I actually use them not only as a treat but I also crush them up and use them as a food topper too. Scrappy honestly goes NUTS. You can kind of tell by the picture.

Why I love Nature’s Variety:

  • All Natrual, pure raw- treat
  • 100% freeze-dried raw ingredients
  • Only 2 calories

Why Scrappy loves Nature’s Variety:

  • 100% freeze-dried deliciousness
  • only 2 calories (I have to watch my weight)
  • grain, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy free

Scrappy and I give these treats 4 paws and 2 hands up and have added them to our months Auto-ship from!


41 thoughts on “Scrappy vs. Nature’s Variety

  1. HI Scrappy and MISS SYDNEY….. OZ just told us about your blog…. WELCOME TO BLOGVILLE!!!! We are THRILLED to have you with us…


  2. Hi Scrappy! Considered this an official welcome from the Mayorz Doodz of Blogville! We think you will find our community to be very welcoming and full of all sorts of wonderful furends!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  3. Hi Scrappy it is I, Madi(son) D. Cat….the Great Oz and I have been furiends for many years. I wanted to give you my best kitty MEOW-welcome to blogville
    Hugs madi you new best feline furiend furever (BFFF)


  4. Hey Scrappy and Miss Sydney!
    Wow, I’m so super excited that you are joining us in Blogville!!! Great timing too, because I’m having the ginormous Recruit A Pal event which means you are now Honored Guests and are eligible for some cool prize pressies. You need to do 3 thingies to be included: 1. I need pix of you so that I can fancy you up for the big event. 2. You need to post a special Introduction post on 6-1-15 to tell us all about you and your blog. 3. You need to follow ME, the BCCalendar, and Oz since he recruited you.
    OMD this is so wonderful. You will be getting a very special and huge welcome to Blogville on June 1st and again on 6-2-15 when we are having a big Welcome Dance. You’ll have a blast fur sure.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

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  5. Hi Ms. Sydney and Scrappy. I am so happy to see you in Blogville!
    I have a confession to make. The Nature’s Variety treats are not safe anywhere near me. When they are – I become like a HUNTER. I don’t stop until I have my prey – a treat.
    OMP! They are so delicious. . . and so good for me. . . in small doses, of course (wink, wink).
    Love Noodles
    PeeEss: Can you add a Google following? I can’t leave a comment until I sigh in as Molly who is NOT commenting at this moment! Pleeez?


  6. Well, a great big welcome to Scrappy and Ms. Sydney!!! We are so excited to see you have joined Blogville. We look forward to learning lots more about you. AND we are going to tell Mom to put those Nature’s Variety Instinct minis to our next order. We have never received one thing from her that we haven’t LOVED. Have a great weekend. We have added you to our Feedly reader and hope you will be able to visit us too.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


    • Hey guys! Thanks! I think mom and I will fit right in.. well mom at least. She’s a little wacky. And I KNOW! Did you know sometimes she comes home and doesn’t even bring me anything… THE NERVE!


  7. Hello Scrappy and Miss Sydney to the great world of Blogville….we just know your gonna have lots of adventures and fun here……..I may have to recruit you to the Force, Blogville Police Force……always looking for Junior Officers……

    Your Pals
    Top Cop Bites, Detective Mickey and Da Sus

    The Mad Scots

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  8. OMD!!!! SYDNEY!!!! SCRAPPY!!!!! What up??!!! OMD, remembers I gots those treaties to try and…WHAMO! They are nows my favorite!! I like the bigger version too…the Munchies! Ya knows, cause I’m like a bigger doggie and can eats more. BOL
    I am SO GLADS you have a Bloggie Scrappy! Nows I can teach you the fine art of margarita makin’!!! hehehehe
    Ruby ♥

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  9. G’day Sydney and Scrappy ….. my name’s Charlie and I live downunder in Australia. I just wanted to add my welcome to Blogville. It’s very nice to meet you. I sure hope we will be friends. I haven’t tried any CHEWY products cause I don’t think you deliver to Australia. Do you think you might be rectifying that sometime in the near future?? Everything sounds soooo good and I sure would like to try it. Crikey …… it’s good to meet you!!!!!!

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  10. Hello Scrappy, I am very pleased to meet you, I nose you are gonna had a great time in Blogsville
    I’m looking forward to hearing all your news (and drooling over all those tasty treats ‘cos you don’t deliver to the UK either, boohoo!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  11. Hi Scrappy and I am very pleased to meet you!! I am Sasha the Official Chef of Blogville and I can’t wait to be pals with you! You will love it here, Blogville is the best place on earth

    Loveys Sasha

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  12. Welcome to Blogville Scrappy! We’ve heard of your mom via a couple of our furends blogs – they get to do Chewy.Com reviews. We hope you are settling in ok – we’re looking forward to getting to know you!
    Wallace and Samuel

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  13. Welcome to Blogville, Scrappy. Now, if you ever need anyone to try some treats Downunder, just let us know, we’re your dogs……just sayin’.

    Hope to see you around at all the Blogville events!

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