My tail won’t stop wagging…


Mom came running through the door last night she had been in Nashville for a week at the Blogpaws Conference and boy did she have some stories. The most exciting story pouring from her mouth was me being accepted into Blogville! It was the BEST NEWS EVER! I read all the comments you guys left and mom sure wasn’t kidding when had she told me that you guys were the best!

duoSo, Let me tell you about my best friend and I…

My mom (Miss Sydney) rescued me about 1.5 years ago from a friend who didn’t have as much time as she would have liked to spend with me, So mom brought me home and it was INSTANT LOVE! I knew we would be the best of friends. I knew that even before I found out she worked at Chewy! 😉 Mom likes to spoil me, I tell her not to but she does anyways so I am just embracing it at this point. She spoils me with yummy treats, toys, food, anything and everything. My favorite treats are the Nature’s Vairety Rawboost Minis. Those thingies are like Crack to me and can be slightly dangerous for my manly physique so mom is very careful with the amount of treats I get. She also reads labels and stuff… WHO DOES THAT?  For me i’m more of a “If it smells good, I’ll eat it.. heck if it smells bad.. I’ll eat it!” type guy.  I love people most of the time, but sometimes I can be very skiddish around men. Mom is working on that with me since she would love to be able to take me out to more places. But, what can I say I just really like the ladies. My favorite activity is to play with my fur-ends around the block. I’m just a little guy weighing in at a solid 13 pounds so mom gets super protective when I start wrastling with the big dogs. She’s a wimp, But I guess she just wants to make sure I don’t get hurt. She’s such a mother. I am about 2+ years young and LOVE LIFE.


Well that is just a little bit about my mom and I .. we’re a weird duo but she’s my weirdo and I am hers. I hope you guys enjoy reading all about our Adventures and good times!



32 thoughts on “My tail won’t stop wagging…

  1. WELCOME to BLOGVILLE SCRAPPY….. OMD you did a Fabulous job of telling about yourself… You are a VERY MUCH Lucky Dawg fur SURE…. We all adore your Mom… who we respectfully call Miss Sydney…. hope that is OK with you… WE are all Thrilled to have you join us… WHEEEEEEE wait until the RODEO… WE are hosting Bronco Busting…. and we really want you to get into THAT event… Butt we digress…. TOMORROW you will get to walk the Blogville RED CARPET to be welcomed with Raised Paws and hooves and wings and stuffs….

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  2. Jumpin’ catfish Scarppy you have my tail wagging too. What a great tale of how you and Mom rescued each other. Woohoo thank you for the great post and I do so look forward to all your adventures. The great Oz and I are furiends too. Oh and FYI I am a C a T! You and your mom are in my drawing for new and returning bloggers!
    Hugs Madi your new bffff

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  3. Hey scrappy! Wow I’m so glad you and miss Sydney are here with us. Here is your official, big, excited, Welcome to Blogville! We will have so much fun and I loved reading more about you. You and your mom are certainly a perfect pair. You definitely deserve to be spoiled and treated like a king. Thanks for the great intro post and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  4. Hum…Moms…guess they are all alike……..we are much older then you and or Mom thinks we are still puppies….but we say…go with it…….it does make life a lot better when someone loves so much!

    The Mad Scots

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  5. Scrappy, we loved hearing about how you came to find your home with Sydney – we are not at all surprised because we think the world of Ms. Sydney – she is kind, thoughtful, generous, and loving. We know you two are going to have a wonderful life of love and happiness together.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

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  6. We are glad your mom is home now. We really wish we could have gone to Blog Paws to meet her! One year we hope to! Anyway, I wanted to make sure you knew we have a rodeo coming up in July. We are sure you will want to pawticipate to show her just how manly you are! There will be lots of things you can do but furst you need to get a hat and boots so you look like a real cowboy! Details to follow!

    your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  7. We love getting to know more about you and your mom, Scrappy, and we just happened to think that you are the luckiest pup alive to have a mom who works at Chewy! OMD, the sky is the limit for you!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

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  8. Nice to meet you Scrappy! We met your mom at BlogPaws! How lucky are you to have a mom who works for Chewy! I bet you get all the food and treats you want! Welcome to Blogville.

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  9. OMD Scrappy you sounds like the coolest guy and I really can’t wait to get to know you more here through your blog! You’re going to have SO MUCH FUN with us here in Blogville!


  10. Hi Scrappy
    I totally dig what you are saying about Nature’s Variety! Crack is so right. I go KooKoo for Cocopuffs for them! So does my sisteroid Sunshine the Cat! And when she goes Kookoo, it ain’t pretty.
    Love Noodles

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  11. Hi Scrappy! It is so good to meet you! I’ve known your mom from for a while now…and the BlogPaws conference is the second time they have bumped into each other in person! Lucky for all of us or we still wouldn’t know about your blog. Oh, and don’t worry about not going to Nashville. I didn’t get to go either. I hear there is a big box of swag being delivered to my house very soon though. Paws crossed!
    Your buddy,

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  12. We’re happy to meet you Scrappy! Our mommy met your mom at BlogPaws so we’re looking forward to knowing you too! We totally understand Crack snacks since we have a few of those ourselves! 🙂

    Angel & Isabella

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  13. YAY! Welcome to the blogosphere, Scrappy! We look forward to getting to know you better! We already sorta know your mom from us doing reviews for Chewy! (Did you land in the perfect home, or WHAT?!?!?)
    We’ll have to look into those snacks!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

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  14. Hey Scrappy and Mom Sydney!!! We are so excited to be following your blog! You two make such a cute pair 🙂


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