Wooof Wooof!


Hey furriends! Scrappy here! And let me tell you…we are back in action..(FINALLY). Mom has been busy lately and kind of had to put the blog to the side but she promised me we’re back and won’t miss a day. I made her pawmise.

I had her catch me up with all the cool stuffs happening and have mercy.. when she told me about the retreat being planned in Indiana next year my eyes got as big as bouncy balls. I can’t wait, Mom doesn’t think she will be able to bring me but she will tell me and facetime with me everyday! I am so excited she will get to meet so many of you in the FURRRS!

Well this is a quick one to let everyone know we are back on track and tails are wagging. Tomorrow mom has the coolest post ever for you all. She got this cool swabby DNA test kit to try out.. said something about figuring out what kind of awesomeness I am made of up. WOOF! Sounds weird. But if it makes mom happy, I am game.

Toodles and Tail wags till tomorrow friends,

Scrappy Doo

11 thoughts on “We’re BACKKKK!

  1. Welcome back, Scrappy and Mom. You know, Scrappy, we think your Mom is pawesome. She is always sending us great treats to test taste and THEN she sent us the most beautiful portrait of our sweet brother Phantom!!! We hope our Mom can make it to the big retreat too, but like you, we are going to have to stay home – guess we have to take care of Dad:)

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


  2. We are glad to see you! We will be interested to see your DNA results. Will you mom post them or will we have to watch an episode of Maury Povich? We’re not sure what that means cuz mom made us write it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


  3. Oh Scrappy it is Madi…I am not going to the Retreat either…cause I don’t do car rides very well..Mol I do ride but the peeps don’t like my road songs…mom and dad are going though
    Hugs Madi


  4. HEY SCRAPPY!!!! Lookin’ good! Hey, don’t you worry abouts not postin’ lately, I’ve been havin’ one heck of a time gettin’ Ma’s arse in gear, butt i’ve bitten her in the hinnie, and she also promised to do betters…we will see…☺ Anyhu, that DNA test sounds interestin’! Wells, whatever breed/s you are, just remembers you are pawsome!
    Ruby ♥


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