Day at the park!

This past weekend mom and her friend boy took me out to the park! And it was probably one of the BEST DAYS EVER!

Wooh! I was pretty darn tired!


She got my park bag, put my favorite toys, some treats and we set off to the park. Once we got there her friend boy Troy wanted to play Frisbee with me. I am not much into Frisbee, I really haven’t caught on to how it works or what I am really supposed to do so most of the time I just watched it glide by and focused on mom with my ball! There were so many distractions. Mom took me to the Soccer field across the street and there were so many little kids and soccer balls. I did my best but one time the little boy kicked the ball right to me so I had to give it back! Right?

Just another day in the park with my favorite people!

After an hour or so we were ready to head back home and relax and boy did I sleep like a baby!

Do you guys like to play in the park too?!

4 thoughts on “Day at the park!

  1. OMD SCRAPPY… we Love your harness… and getting to see you STRETCH before you sent that ball Back to the two Legger… That WAS the Right thingy to do…
    What a Fine Fun day you had with Miss Sydney and her boy Toy… we mean… furend TROY who is a boy.. hehehehehe
    We would LOVE to play in a park with YOU, Scrappy. Just sayin…
    Pee S… did you remind Miss Sydney to gather up all of your 87 toys and stuffs before you left?


  2. We don’t usually go to the park, but we have lots of fun in our yard – want to come play with us, Scrappy?

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning


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