Lazy Day Blues

Today in Sunny South Florida there is nothing but rain so mom and I have to sit inside and be bored out of our minds! Thankfully though there is a Criminal Minds marathon on and lots of cuddles to be had!

Lazy Day Blues

Love, Scrappy-Doo


Sarge and Bubba here!

Hello World! Sarge and Bubba here. We’re Scrappy’s Uncles. He’s not to fond of us but said we were allowed to stop by and say hello to all of his new friends.

Family Pups
Bubba (left) Sarge (right)

Bubba and I live out in the country with Sydney’s parents. We LOVE it out here and love when Scrappy comes to play. We live on 11 huge acres, have our own pond AND… chickens we can chase. We know we’re spoiled and try and show scrappy the way of the country when he comes. Him and Sydney are what we like to call “Yuppies”…

Well.. we have to go now! We will be back next time!

Love, Sarge and Bubba

Scrappy Reviews Blue Buffalo Wilderness Knuckle Bone

Blue Buffalo Knuckle Bone
Blue Buffalo Knuckle Bone

This week we had the awesome opportunity of Blue Buffalo coming to our office and sharing their knowledge with us. They will be launching some new products and boy are Scrappy and I excited and we’re sure you will be too!

This was a pretty different chew then what him and I were used to. It was heavy and round. And a little rough. Scrappy was able to break off pieces and chew on them which was nice. I wasn’t too worried about him choking on anything he was definitely enjoying the chewing part of it.


Reasons why I love this Chew:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Long-lasting
  • Entertained Scrappy for HOURS!

Reasons why Scrappy loves this chew:

  • Tastes Yummy
  • Easy to carry around


This item isn’t available yet, but when it is we would definitely encourage you to check them out on and order some!

Walk for the Animals


Chewy likes LOVES to be part of any event in the area that is for the animals. This past month a large group of us attended The Broward County Humane Society walk for the Animals. It was a great event with so many opportunities for little ones to get adopted and find their fur-ever families and homes.

Humane Soceity Walk

Here’s a picture of our Group towards the end of the event. It was a little rainy.. okay it was a torrential down pour and we were soaked. But it was for the animals and we loved every bit of it.

Unfortunately, Scrappy didn’t attend this even with me. He has an “issue” ( I will explain in the next post I do) that we are working on and hopefully soon I will be able to take him along to more places.

Roaming with my favorite dinosaur…


Scrappy has found his new FAVORITE chew toy! When I was reading all the reviews of this Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dino Dog Toy I just had to let Scrappy try it out. And boy am I glad that I added this to our Chewy order.

Reasons why I love this Dental Chew:

  • Made in the USA!
  • The fun shape!
  • Raised rounded nubs to keep his teeth clean.
  • SUPER tough and durable.

Reasons why Scrappy loves this Dental Chew:

  • It’s a Dinosaur!
  • Entertained for HOURS.
  • It’s a Dinosaur!
  • and did he mention…  IT’S A DINOSAUR!!!

So, Scrappy and I give this Dental Chew 4 paws and 2 hands up! We LOVE it and would recommend it to all of our fur-friends and family!

To get your very own Nylabone DuraChew Dental Chew Dog Toy go to and add it to your next order!

We finally decided to join the blogger world…


When I first come home each day I am greeted by Mr. Scrappy with a very moist tongue, a wagging tail, and crazy amounts of happiness. When we finally decide to settle down for the night (It’s usually me who makes the decision, as he would play forever if I let him) I get to tell him all about my day. I share with him all the stories, events, and reviews I had spent my day reading and I can just tell from his face after hearing about my day that he needed to be part of this world and wanted to share his stories and make new furiends with everyone I have been lucky enough to meet.

So with this post I introduce, Scrappy to Blogville!