Everyone please welcome, Sheldon!

Scrappy (left) Sheldon (right)

 Hey Everyone! Guess what, Guess what, GUESS WHAAAAAT!

Wooh, okay I got excited. But seriously guess what… mom got Sheldon back! Sheldon was in the family LOONNG before I was and when her and her ex parted ways he kept Sheldon. Well mom didn’t give up and she finally got her Spur-thighed Tortoise, Sheldon back!

I think this picture does a good job at describing our relationship. When Sheldon is out I get so excited and I just watch him walk and then boom, I fall asleep. Do you know how long it takes him to get from one room to another? Yea me either.. I always fall asleep waiting! I am so happy to have Sheldon in the house and so is mom! Now he can be part of our adventures too! YAY!



Day at the park!

This past weekend mom and her friend boy took me out to the park! And it was probably one of the BEST DAYS EVER!

Wooh! I was pretty darn tired!


She got my park bag, put my favorite toys, some treats and we set off to the park. Once we got there her friend boy Troy wanted to play Frisbee with me. I am not much into Frisbee, I really haven’t caught on to how it works or what I am really supposed to do so most of the time I just watched it glide by and focused on mom with my ball! There were so many distractions. Mom took me to the Soccer field across the street and there were so many little kids and soccer balls. I did my best but one time the little boy kicked the ball right to me so I had to give it back! Right?

Just another day in the park with my favorite people!

After an hour or so we were ready to head back home and relax and boy did I sleep like a baby!

Do you guys like to play in the park too?!

It’s #NationalDogDay



It’s National Dog Day! I told mom that it meant she didn’t have to go to work and could stay home and play with me.. but she said that’s not what that meant but that she would be home as soon as possible and give me all the extra lovin I want. So until then I will sit here and wait for her!

What are all my pals doing on our special day?

Toodles and Tail Wags,



Wooof Wooof!


Hey furriends! Scrappy here! And let me tell you…we are back in action..(FINALLY). Mom has been busy lately and kind of had to put the blog to the side but she promised me we’re back and won’t miss a day. I made her pawmise.

I had her catch me up with all the cool stuffs happening and have mercy.. when she told me about the retreat being planned in Indiana next year my eyes got as big as bouncy balls. I can’t wait, Mom doesn’t think she will be able to bring me but she will tell me and facetime with me everyday! I am so excited she will get to meet so many of you in the FURRRS!

Well this is a quick one to let everyone know we are back on track and tails are wagging. Tomorrow mom has the coolest post ever for you all. She got this cool swabby DNA test kit to try out.. said something about figuring out what kind of awesomeness I am made of up. WOOF! Sounds weird. But if it makes mom happy, I am game.

Toodles and Tail wags till tomorrow friends,

Scrappy Doo

My tail won’t stop wagging…


Mom came running through the door last night she had been in Nashville for a week at the Blogpaws Conference and boy did she have some stories. The most exciting story pouring from her mouth was me being accepted into Blogville! It was the BEST NEWS EVER! I read all the comments you guys left and mom sure wasn’t kidding when had she told me that you guys were the best!

duoSo, Let me tell you about my best friend and I…

My mom (Miss Sydney) rescued me about 1.5 years ago from a friend who didn’t have as much time as she would have liked to spend with me, So mom brought me home and it was INSTANT LOVE! I knew we would be the best of friends. I knew that even before I found out she worked at Chewy! 😉 Mom likes to spoil me, I tell her not to but she does anyways so I am just embracing it at this point. She spoils me with yummy treats, toys, food, anything and everything. My favorite treats are the Nature’s Vairety Rawboost Minis. Those thingies are like Crack to me and can be slightly dangerous for my manly physique so mom is very careful with the amount of treats I get. She also reads labels and stuff… WHO DOES THAT?  For me i’m more of a “If it smells good, I’ll eat it.. heck if it smells bad.. I’ll eat it!” type guy.  I love people most of the time, but sometimes I can be very skiddish around men. Mom is working on that with me since she would love to be able to take me out to more places. But, what can I say I just really like the ladies. My favorite activity is to play with my fur-ends around the block. I’m just a little guy weighing in at a solid 13 pounds so mom gets super protective when I start wrastling with the big dogs. She’s a wimp, But I guess she just wants to make sure I don’t get hurt. She’s such a mother. I am about 2+ years young and LOVE LIFE.


Well that is just a little bit about my mom and I .. we’re a weird duo but she’s my weirdo and I am hers. I hope you guys enjoy reading all about our Adventures and good times!



Scrappy vs. Nature’s Variety

Have you found that treat that is basically crack to your dog or cat? We have and it goes by the name Nature’s Variety Instinct Minis. They are available for dogs and cats and are pretty much the same exact thing. So if you have both cats and dogs they can share these but trust me and Scrappy on this… they’re not going to want to.

Nature's Variety

Nature’s Variety Instinct Minis are available in 3 great formulas. Duck, Chicken and Rabbit. And are the perfect treat for rewarding your fur-child with. They are small and can be broken up pretty easily. I actually use them not only as a treat but I also crush them up and use them as a food topper too. Scrappy honestly goes NUTS. You can kind of tell by the picture.

Why I love Nature’s Variety:

  • All Natrual, pure raw- treat
  • 100% freeze-dried raw ingredients
  • Only 2 calories

Why Scrappy loves Nature’s Variety:

  • 100% freeze-dried deliciousness
  • only 2 calories (I have to watch my weight)
  • grain, gluten, corn, wheat, and soy free

Scrappy and I give these treats 4 paws and 2 hands up and have added them to our months Auto-ship from Chewy.com!


A walk in the park…


Scrappy and I took the longest walk today. We had to. It was beautiful outside. The sun was shining, the birds were singing.. alright maybe there weren’t really birds singing but it totally felt like there should have been. After our long walk we found the perfect spot in the shade and took a little break and then made the long hike back home. We love our walks and we are trying to go on more now. And it’s GREAT!

Sarge and Bubba here!

Hello World! Sarge and Bubba here. We’re Scrappy’s Uncles. He’s not to fond of us but said we were allowed to stop by and say hello to all of his new friends.

Family Pups
Bubba (left) Sarge (right)

Bubba and I live out in the country with Sydney’s parents. We LOVE it out here and love when Scrappy comes to play. We live on 11 huge acres, have our own pond AND… chickens we can chase. We know we’re spoiled and try and show scrappy the way of the country when he comes. Him and Sydney are what we like to call “Yuppies”…

Well.. we have to go now! We will be back next time!

Love, Sarge and Bubba

Scrappy Reviews Blue Buffalo Wilderness Knuckle Bone

Blue Buffalo Knuckle Bone
Blue Buffalo Knuckle Bone

This week we had the awesome opportunity of Blue Buffalo coming to our office and sharing their knowledge with us. They will be launching some new products and boy are Scrappy and I excited and we’re sure you will be too!

This was a pretty different chew then what him and I were used to. It was heavy and round. And a little rough. Scrappy was able to break off pieces and chew on them which was nice. I wasn’t too worried about him choking on anything he was definitely enjoying the chewing part of it.


Reasons why I love this Chew:

  • Made in the USA!
  • Long-lasting
  • Entertained Scrappy for HOURS!

Reasons why Scrappy loves this chew:

  • Tastes Yummy
  • Easy to carry around


This item isn’t available yet, but when it is we would definitely encourage you to check them out on Chewy.com and order some!